The Wyre Tidal Gateway

At Natural Energy Wyre, we’re committed to delivering the eco-friendly Wyre Tidal Gateway across the River Wyre in Lancashire. This first-of-its-kind tidal energy plant has been designed from the ground up to generate high levels of clean, renewable energy to the people of Lancashire and beyond – enough to power as many as 80,000 homes and businesses.


The Wyre Tidal Gateway is a tidal hydro energy plant...


The site is located on the Lancashire coast...


The River Wyre estuary is ideal for the Wyre Barrage...


Environmental studies and site investigations...

Development Partners

NEW is working with a select group of Development Partners to steer the project through its development, construction and operation. Our selection of consultants, contractors and suppliers has been based on industry track records and reputations. We have taken a variety of factors into consideration, including the type and quality of the work that they have undertaken, and the ability to deliver projects on time and to budget.

Mott MacDonald – overall barrage design, operation, navigation, consideration of sediment transport, grid connection, tidal and bathymetric modelling and input into cost and programme.

A $2bn global engineering, management and development consultancy. Their expertise includes power, environment, urban development, water and more. For every project, Mott MacDonald creates the blend of talent needed to create the right result—appropriate; cost, carbon and resource-efficient; safe, reliable and resilient; delivering great outcomes.


Arcadis – assessment of environmental management capability, planning and consenting process and input into costings and development/construction programmes.

The leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services, Arcadis works in partnership with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. Arcadis has many years of research and understanding of the environmental resource of the Wyre Estuary and local area, making them a natural choice for this project. They are bringing their extensive experience of similar projects, including for the nearby Halite Energy Underground Gas Storage Facility project.

BAM Nuttall – construction methodology, detailed costings and both development and construction programmes.

A major civil engineering contractor offering total civil engineering capability. BAM Nuttall serves traditional sectors such as rail, highways, water, tunnelling and marine, and are continually evolving to embrace emerging sectors like nuclear, waste and energy. Their project services include site investigation, early professional advice, design and construction, leading to final project delivery.


Andritz Hydro – turbine and sluice gate modelling, optimisation of configuration, calculation of electricity generation and input into costings and development/construction programmes.

A global supplier of electro-mechanical systems and services (“water to wire“) for hydropower plants and one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation. Andritz Hydro is the market-leader in low head turbines, a market position that recognises that hydropower is the most economic form of renewable energy. They were selected from their track record for successfully supplying bespoke turbines for a variety of hydropower schemes.


The Tidal Gateway

Tidal gateways provide innovative and environmentally friendly conversion of the power present in tidal range.

The “Wyre” tidal gateway has much more to deliver to this small Northwest area by providing essential flood defences and huge potential for economic growth in multiple sectors including manufacturing, tourism and transport.

The Location

The site is located on the Lancashire coast, between the industrial town of Fleetwood to the west and the small rural village of Knott End to the east. This specific site is positively unique, encompassing ideal geophysical and geological features, close proximity to a substantial National Grid connection, and some of the largest tidal ranges in the country.

The River

The River Wyre estuary is ideal for the Wyre Barrage, with its narrow, deep channel and bulbous body; a 600-meter span between its land masses; and an average tidal range of 8.2m and 4.5m during spring and neap cycles respectively, making power generation from this location the most economically viable in UK.

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